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Choosing the best Forex broker:
When you decide to start Forex Trading you will need to choose one of the best forex brokers that are totally reliable. These days there are so many Forex brokers to choose from, therefore it is difficult  to know if you are making the right choice or not in selecting a Forex broker that you will entrust your money to. It is advisable to consider the following things that the brokers offer:

Selecting the best Forex brokers is critical

Forex brokers that offer low spreads:
Lower spreads are better –  Some of the better Forex brokers do not charge a commission, they make their money from the difference in the buying and selling price of a currency. In comparing brokers, you will find that the difference in spreads in forex is as critical as the difference in commissions in the stock market sphere, thus the top Forex brokers have the lowest spread.

Table of the best Forex brokers – Read Reviews

Forex Broker: Basic Information
avafx one of the better forex brokers 400:1, credit cards
accepted, $25 min Deposit
etoro best broker 2 pip spread on major
Currencies, $50 min.
forexyard forex broker $100 min deposit, 10
Supported languages
easy forex one of many best forex brokers around 2 pip spread, $200 mindeposit, easy to use

Broker account types
Brokers that have economies of scale
Make sure your Forex broker is backed by a large reputable institution: Forex brokers, unlike equity brokers, requires large amounts of capital – due to the leverage and regulations required, make sure your broker is backed by a company that is in a strong financial position.

Many forex brokers offer different tailor made accounts for different individuals needs, some offer smaller accounts called Micro accounts – usually these accounts allow you smaller minimum deposits and also offer higher leverage, sometimes up to 400:1 leverage is possible – When selecting your forex broker, ensure that the account type meets your needs with respect to tools, data delivery, forex signals, leverage and capital requirements.

*All of the following brokers are (in our opinion) the best forex brokers available to everyday traders. We base our judgement of the “best forex brokers” on many things such as minimum desposit, ease of use of trading platform, Leverage, etc.

Forex Trading can yield great profits, but can also lead to substantial losses. Every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the best forex brokers reviews on the table above, but we cannot be held in anyway responsible for the information supplied about our opinions of the brokers.

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Etoro: Forex Broker AvaFx: Forex Broker